NUMANTIA is not the only Celtiberian vestige in the province of Soria ....

Numancia is not only an archaeological site, but is also a symbol of resistance and struggle of a people for freedom. Roman writers who were raised the performance of a heroic Numancia giving it a universal dimension

The "Heroic City" takes the long and high hill of La Muela de Garray, from which commands a wide plain, bounded by higher elevations of the Iberian. This strategic position is enhanced by its control over the ford of the River Douro, where the roads converge, passing through the alignment of the Iberian, Ebro valley communicate with the Alto Douro

Numancia is the archaeological site that has brought greater Celtiberian information about the world, being the most extensively excavated, which has increased recently with the discovery and excavation of the necropolis.

To this we must add that no other city has provided celtibérica or so abundant and so rich painted ceramics, which bind to their aesthetic and artistic, valuable information about aspects of life and customs of the Celts, showing unique and exclusive features.

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Points of interest in the city of Numancia