Celtiberia soriana
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The master plan, comprehensive performance

This last project was the forerunner of the current work, as the Junta de Castilla y Leon, sensitized by this situation, decided to commission, Professor Alfredo Jimeno, the implementation of a Master Plan. 

This plan, adopted in 1994, is to coordinate all activities (conservation, restoration, along with research, teaching, dissemination and general infrastructure) proceed in this site to give it the image, cleaned up, awareness and outreach . Research is essential knowledge base of the archaeological site, which other actions are conditional. 

The actions undertaken in Numancia, through the Plan, have helped to provide another different view of the archaeological remains, to revalue the debris making understandable, in this way with the symbolic and mythical Numancia, always used as a reference identity better understanding of the site is now valued by meeting the primary objective of archaeological research to provide society with more and better knowledge of the past.