Celtiberia soriana
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Funeral ritual

The writers of antiquity have transmitted a double burial ritual among Celtiberos, according to Aelian, referring to the vacceos,

 "... are buried in the fire to die of disease ..., but those who die in the war ... throw them to the vultures, they consider as sacred animals "and according to Silius Italico (3.340 to 343)" The Celts consider it an honor to die in combat and a crime to burn the corpse of a warrior and died, they believe that his soul back to the gods of heaven to devour the body lying vulture. " 

Finally, there is documented only within the settlements, a third type of funerary ritual that affected the children. Involved the burial of the youngest, who died prematurely, under the floor of the houses. This act seems to find its motivation in the fact that the children were not considered part of the community from the age of majority, hitherto belonged only to the family.