Celtiberia soriana
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Mancino naked before Numancia's door

Popilio Lenas, returning from Lusitania (Viriato had already been killed), at 138, it was decided to continue the war, failing to Numancia, as his replacement C. Hostilio Mancino. This generally resulted in the Roman army in 137 BC, one of the greatest outrages in its history. After successive defeats against Numancia decided to retire, taking advantage of the night, the valley of the Ebro, but their flight was caught by Numancia in a ravine, suffering a heavy defeat, and was forced to seek refuge, probably in the camp in ruins of the Watchtower of Renieblas. Here I take the hard decision to capitulate to be saved, although they were 20,000 compared to 4,000 Roman soldiers Numancia. The Numancia, instead of killing the entire army, agreed to negotiate peace, and let them go to the Roman army. 

Mancino was called to Rome to explain his rationale about his surrender, but the Senate does not accept the treaty signed, and determined to deliver the general defeated the Numancia, thus relieving the responsibility of the word given by one of his generals. F. General Furio Filo, designed for the 136 BC, was charged, in addition to war, to deliver to the Numancia Mancino. Dressed in a simple robe and his hands tied, was left before the walls of Numancia, but Numancia refused to accept it, and was returned to the camp and sent to Rome. Both Furio Filo as the two following general Calpurnius Piso, in 135, and M. Aemilius Lepidus, possibly to avoid complications, diverted towards vacceos hostilities, leaving standing the submission of Numancia.