Celtiberia soriana
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The Consul Nobilior once controlled the area addressed Numancia Jalón, intermediate camps providing support and protection. Numancia and segedenses elected as lider to Caro, who attacked the Romans by surprise and won a great victory, killing six thousand Romans, the Celtiberians also took heavy losses, including the head itself Caro. This defeat took place on 23 August, the day consecrated by the Romans to Vulcan, which was thereafter declared harmful, so that no Roman general in the future battle in a day like that. Nobilior, following the Numancia, camped in Renieblas “The Watchtower”, 24 stages of Numancia, waiting for reinforcements. In turn, the Celtiberians named liders to Ambon and Leucon Numancia in place of Caro.