Celtiberia soriana
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Numancia was sentenced to death by starvation, and about 4,000 men (plus women and children) imprisoned in the city could do little against such a device. Sometimes tried to break the siege without results and without the Roman to retaliate. In the spring of 133 BC, the leader Retogenes and five others managed to cross the fence Numancia, but failed in the attempt to get help from Arevacos cities because they feared retaliation by the Romans. Only the young warriors of the town of Lutie were willing to come to the aid of Numancia, but the assembly of elders, trying to avoid reprisals Roman warned Scipio, who responded by moving to the city and cutting off the hands of 400 young people. 

The shortage of food caused an unsustainable situation in Numancia, coming to have to boil the hides and skins and even eating human flesh from the dead. But worse for the concept of honor Celtiberian was not hungry but not being able to die fighting. In this situation, Numancia, with one of his leader in front Avars, conducted negotiations with Scipio to achieve peace with dignity, but the Roman general, who demanded the unconditional peace, commanded them that day carrying arms and a site agreed the next day they were submitted elsewhere. This was for Numancia unacceptable because they knew too well that would be his last, either death or its existence as slaves. Many in this trance remove themselves chose life, asking for one more day deadline to dispose of his death.