Celtiberia soriana
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Social involvement: active participation

One of the problems from the Master Plan was accused in the early stages of their operation, was the limited involvement that was the site of Numancia in their immediate social environment. 

Since the Master Plan was needed to recover this social support, as it is essential for a project like this succeed. For this has encouraged the active participation of the immediate society, not only making it more attractive to visit, but offering activities that build bridges between past and present, and so taught to value, especially smaller ones, the importance of our heritage, since it is difficult to see what is not known. 

This has enabled people and City are now one of the important drivers of actions to undertake in the surroundings of the site. This involvement has been expressed already in the execution of an Archaeological Hall in the old schools of Garray, devoted to single theme of the Siege of Numancia, promoted and managed by the City. 

On the other hand, the people of Garray has joined the program for heritage adamant through their active participation, channeled by the Cultural Association Celtiberica Tierraquemada: annual performance of an episode of the Wars Cel, open doors day Numancia Keltiberoi project and dissemination of the rich heritage through l adamant historical reconstruction.